KOOLS: Kyoto Okayama Optical Low-dispersion Spectrograph

Manual: Startup / Stop Procedures

Startup procedure

  1. Boot sanjigen and login as a user "messia".
  2. Vacuum Pumping
    • in sanjigen, open one terminal and type:
      cd prog/vac/
      ./tpg252a_mon kools_dewar_vac[yyyymmdd].log
    • Note: we do not reccomend using the vacuum gauge during science observations, because it is an electric-noise source.
  3. Start Cooler
    • monitor Lakeshore temperature controller.
      cd prog/lakeshore/sio
      read data will be stored on the file "lakeshore.log"
    • temperature monitor graph
      The plot will be updated every minute. You may change the size of the window.
  4. Turn On CCD Power Supplies:

    1. Turn on 5.8V source
    2. Press "Output" of the 5.8V source
    3. Turn on +-15.8V +-5.8V source
    4. After one moment, press four buttons: they will turn into green
    5. Press "Output" of +-15.8V +-5.8V source

    1. Turn on heater power source
    2. Press "Output"
    3. Turn on 30V switch

  5. open one terminal in sanjigen, for messia server.
    cd messia/local
    ./messia localhost localhost
  6. open another terminal for messia client.
    cd messia/local
    ./init.sh localhost 0 0
    ./m localhost vcheck 0 1
    Check output. If error(s) occur, Turn off power supplies and turn on, then try again. (In vcheck measured voltages are compared with values written in a file /home/messia/messia/local/mf_bias.dac.)

    If first 4 channels have bad values, try:

    cd ~/messia/local
    ./m localhost 'MFRONT'
    ./m localhost 'pset_all_dac 0 1'
    ./m localhost vcheck 0 1
    Errors should be gone in most cases.

  7. In the same terminal for messia client (at ~/messia/local )
    ./m localhost 'KOOLS'
  8. start motor server and KOOLS UI.
    This script opens one terminal executing motor server (at ~/prog/motor/motorserver) and start the java KOOLS UI program.
  9. Start Auto Guider programs.

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Stop procedure

  • Terminate KOOLS GUI by a click of close box of the window (or Ctrl-C for a terminal).
  • Press Ctrl-C on the motor server terminal window.
  • Terminate Messia server. At any terminal window,
    cd /home/messia/messia/local
    ./m localhost 'reset_all'
    ./m localhost 'exit'
  • Turn off the heater power source and MFront power supplies in the reversed order of turning on (see photos above):
    1. 30V switch
    2. Press "output" of the heater switch
    3. Turn off the heater switch
    4. Press "output" of +-15.8V +-5.8V source
    5. Press four buttons: they will be turned off
    6. Turn off +-15.8V +-5.8V source
    7. Press "output" of 5.8V source
    8. Turn off 5.8V source
  • terminate sanjigen, if required.
  • Before Detaching Cassegrain Guide Unit from the telescope, you should move X and Y stages to ORIGIN to prevent interference with volts.

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