KOOLS: Kyoto Okayama Optical Low-dispersion Spectrograph

Guide for Visiting Observers

For Japanese visitors: please refer OAO visitors guide and read it carefully. Not only the PI but also all visitors should check and follow this guide.

For foreign visitors: Please contact Dr. Iwata (ikuru.iwata [at] nao.ac.jp) at least one month before the beginning of the observation.

Observation Check Sheet

Please submit the observation checksheet at least 1 week before the beginning of the observation. This sheet includes target object list. Note: in object list please include information about apparent magnitudes and band; e.g., V=15.0.

Finding Chart

We request the observers to make finding chart for observations. For targets with auto guiding, DSS2 (STScI, ESO) FITS files with 20' x 20' FoV should be stored in "agbox" (auto guider control PC) (under /home/cont74/data/).

In addition to these FITS files, finding charts in any printable format (e.g., PDF, JPEG or PNG) are required to check targets:

  • N is Up, E is Left
  • FoV: 20' x 20'
  • Mark the target for spectroscopy.

Please send to ikuru.iwata [at] nao.ac.jp via e-mail (for JPEG or PNG images use zip or tar archive), before the beginning of the observation.

Contact Address

Any questions should be directed to ikuru.iwata [at] nao.ac.jp. If no reply for more than two business days, please make a phone call to the observatory: 0865-44-2155 (from abroad: +81-865-44-2155).

Important Note for Users of VPH grisms

VPH grisms used in KOOLS were produced by Dr. Noboru Ebizuka (Nagoya Univ./Riken). Resins of the VPH grisms were produced by Nippon Paint Co. Ltd., and they were kindly provided by Mr. Masami Kawabata and Mr. Takashi Teranishi. Users of VPH grisms should acknowledge their contributions for the development of VPH grisms used in KOOLS when they publish the results.

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