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Experiments of a metal mirror telescope dedicated to spectroscopy;
A mirror with a Hartmann constant of 1 - 1.5 arcseconds should suffice to carry out observations
from the ground under seeing effects of a few arcseconds.

+ --> 2012/Aug/18 --> 2014/Oct
We use a telescope mount of the 65-cm solar telescope (1967 to 2002) and high precision aluminium panel technology (ASTE, ref1).

2nd mirror polish in progress, ---------------------- griding, finished with 1.6 m rms ---------------------- first spectrum
2016/Nov/23 2016/Feb/08 2015/Mar/11

individual items:
metal mirror & polish , telescope mount , spectrometer , dome , report , reseach funds , and some outputs
1) Ukita, "NRO 10-m submillimeter telescope," Proc. SPIE, 4015, pp.177-184, 2000
FAST(Fully Automated Spectroscopy Telescope, The Destination of OAO 188-cm telescope)

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