HIDES Exposure Time Calculator

  • Magnitude
  • magnitude:

    Blackbody: Temperature: K
    Power law: Spectral index (&alpha): (F&lambda &prop (&lambda/&lambda0)&alpha)

  • Pre-Optics
  • Image Rotator: ImRot-Out ImRot-In

  • Optics
  • Slit Width : &Prime (> 0.2&Prime)

    Cross Disperser : Red Blue

  • CCD Setting
  • Binning (column x line) : 1x1 (Sorry, now only 1x1 binning mode is available.)

  • Weather
  • Seeing Size: &Prime ( Typical seeing is 1.52&Prime at OAO. )

  • Exposure Time
  • sec.

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    (Last modified: 3rd April 2008)

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