KOOLS Grism Wavelength Coverage Calculator

grism:   slit position x:  x-coord in CCD (spec.2bin) [option]: 

slit position x: position of a slit in center1000.2bin read-out mode (100-500)

Grism: no2
Slit Position: x=200 (in center1000.2bin)

CCD Xλ (Å)

Bad Columns:
x=403 to 407 (in spec.2bin)
λ = 6560 to 6575 (approx.)

Note: the relation between ccd x-position and wavelength depends on the position of the slit, and the wavelengths calculated by this script are not accurate; the accuracy is typically ∼10Å and the error can be as large as ∼50Å.

2009/11/12 iwata [at] oao.nao.ac.jp